Photo Blogging Makes The Most Of The Visual Web

With the rise of visual and photo-sharing social networks like Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr, and the popularity of sharing images on Facebook and Twitter, photo blogging has become the most viable and fun kind of blogging.

Setting up and running a photography blog is easy as building and updating a blog that is text-based and many people believe that the internet’s full-color technology and high speed has reached the peak of its fascination with the distribution of pictures.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Photo-blogs can give readers an opportunity to view the world from an entirely new perspective in a manner that is aesthetically appealing and emotionally stimulating.

Several bloggers who publish photoblogs are actually photographers by profession. However many hobbyists plus amateur shutterbugs are also in the business of photo blogging.

Often you do not even have to create the content yourself. Readers are usually happy to contribute photographs when asked.

With the popularity of blogs, posting and sharing images in a blog layout has become a very attractive way to say what you want while connecting with viewers with wit and emotion. Photo blogs vary from entertaining compilations of curiosities to forums to exhibitions of the creations of highly talented artists.

Many popular photoblogs have gained attention due to the fact that the images they contain are of very high artistic quality, and many of the individuals who manage these outstanding blogs attended prestigious art schools and possess remarkable professional portfolios.

But a number of the well known photo blogs that receive numerous visitors are as noteworthy for their ideas as for the images themselves.

Some photo blogs, such as Cute Overload, LolCats, and, showcase cute images of animals, and are less about the fashion in which the shots are taken and more about the pictures’ thematic content.

Images have also become one of the most shareable content formats, with infographics, pithy quotes and the like being some of the most shared content on Facebook and other networks.

Whether you are somebody who likes discovering new things and places, or a hobbyist or artist who wishes to set up a blog, you can learn a lot by researching some of the most popular blogs on the World Wide Web. Some popular ones you might want to check out are 1001 Noisy Camera, Chase Jarvis blog, Strobist, and Digital Photography School.

Because photo blogs are extremely easy to set up and to update, even from a mobile device, they can rightly be regarded as a highly democratic form of visual communication.

PIN Your Way To The Top

Even though Pinterest is the most effective social media platform in driving traffic back to your site, most businesses are still not using it as their preferred and primary form of social media marketing. It may be interesting for all you business owners out there to know that there are more than 70 million Pinterest users worldwide and over 500,000 business accounts. Compared with the amount of consumers using Pinterest, the amount of businesses using Pinterest for their own gain is quite low. I can’t help but ask myself why? Pinterest allows businesses to increase their brand authority, expand their reach and drive organic traffic back to their site all at the same time from one location, so why on earth would any business turn down this opportunity?

Pinterests Popularity has grown rapidly over the past three years, most likely resulting in most of us being left behind as we remained loyal and true to more ‘traditional’ and ‘safe’ forms of online marketing through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. If you think that Pinterest is not for your business and your oblivious to what Pinterest can do for your business, now is the time to change your way of thinking! There are a few things you should educate yourself on before embarking on your new Pinterest journey, but once your up to date… the world of online consumerism is your oyster. Take a look at some quick tips below to point you in the right starting direction.


There is no point pinning things that won’t get re-pinned. Over 80% of pins on Pinterest are re-pins, this means that people are more interested in using Pinterest as a ‘search tool’ in essence. In comparison with other forms of social media such as Instagram, where the users uploads mainly their own, original content, Pinterest pinners want to see what others have to say and offer. With this in mind make sure you check what people are into now! Browse different categories, browse boards and ‘professional’ pinners, see what users are looking for. Where does your content relate? Where can you pin interesting images and articles that relate to your business?


The whole point of online marketing is for businesses to become more ‘real’, for them to connect with their users in ways that were never possible before. It is important that once you have created your account, you don’t simply start randomly pinning about your business and promoting it without much regard for what others are pinning. Share content, comment on pins, interact with users and reward those who follow and share your content. If your a hairdresser per say, don’t just pin images of your wonderful styling, create boards for fashion, health and beauty, even weddings, anything that relates to hair. Post videos and tips and tricks for creating the perfect ‘going-out’ style at home on your own. By posting quality content that branches out, you will attract even more followers.


Don’t forget that Pinterest allows users to share images and articles. This allows you to get your original written and visual content out there all in one place! With so many pins out there to choose from, pinners are looking for something different. Take for example the Quotes category of Pinterest, most of the quotes have been used and over-used, with the same images and text coming up again and again! It is unlikely that people will pin the same thing over and over, why would they? Whatever you pin, try and make it original. By checking trends and keeping an eye on what’s ‘in’ you can easily add your own images and articles that belong to you and have never been seen before. Have you someone in the office who reckons himself a bit of a budding photographer or graphic designer? Is that a yes I hear? Well, get them to start snapping and creating images that belong to your business and say something about who and what you are. Got a mouthy, opinionated one in the office? Always pipping up with some smart, but entertaining comment? Why not quote them?

With all that in mind, your can certainly make a good start. Through getting started and using Pinterest as both a user and a business, your knowledge will only grow and in turn grow your business visibility and interaction. As they say, ‘practice makes perfect’, so don’t delay, go start pinning like a professional.

If your still unsure, or want to become a professional quicker feel free to contact our partners at Buzz4me Marketing for a Free Consultation [] and strategy.